How to choose plywood?

How to choose plywood?
Plywood is also a class of sheet products often used in the process of modern home decoration, the so-called plywood is also known as the fine core board, it is made of three or more layers of 1mm thick veneer or sheet adhesive hot pressing, is currently hand-made furniture for the commonly used materials. Plywood in the purchase is also a certain purchase skills, how to buy plywood?

Purchasing plywood tips:
1, in the selection, to ensure that the front of the plywood wood grain is clear, smooth, not rough, no lag feel. Qualified plywood should not be damaged, bruised, hard, knots and other defects.
2, some manufacturers in the production of two different lines of veneer paste together to make plywood, so in the selection should pay attention to whether the splint joint is tight, there is no uneven phenomenon.

3, in addition, should also pay attention to the plywood has no degumming, loose glue phenomenon. When you buy, you can knock the plywood by hand, if the sound is crisp, it means that its quality is good; If the sound is dull, it indicates that the plywood has loose glue.

4, also have to consider the environmental performance of plywood, plywood quality directly determines the health status of the home, so in the selection of plywood must not be careless of its free formaldehyde content, small series suggest that you should choose large production enterprises to buy products, because large enterprises generally have quality testing reports, The formaldehyde content of plywood products can be seen from its report.
5.In fact, now the plywood more popular and currently plywood is very suitable for furniture, compared to density board and particle board, plywood is more environmentally friendly and stronger nail resistance. It also has a better service life.

Post time: Aug-01-2023